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                      |  soyMAIL  -  son of yahMAIL  |

                   Copyright (C) 2015-2016 Mark G.Daniel.
               This package comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
   This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under the
 conditions of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, version 3, or any later version.

                     TinyMCE is licensed under GNU LGPL
   4. You may copy and distribute the Library (or a portion or
      derivative of it, under Section 2) in object code or executable form
      under the terms of Sections 1 and 2 above provided that you accompany
      it with the complete corresponding machine-readable source code, which
      must be distributed under the terms of Sections 1 and 2 above on a
      medium customarily used for software interchange.

HTML and PDF installation and administration documentation is available in the
[.DOC] subdirectory.  This has been produced with Writer.

Release notes and change log may be found in RELEASE_NOTES.TXT

Once installed the user on-line help is available via /cgi-bin/soymail?help


[DIR]doc/28-Mar-2017 12:49512subdirectory
[DIR]help/28-Mar-2017 12:491,024subdirectory
[DIR]lang/28-Mar-2017 12:49512subdirectory
[DIR]OBJ_IA64/28-Mar-2017 12:511,024subdirectory
[DIR]theme/28-Mar-2017 12:491,024subdirectory
[DIR]tinymce/28-Mar-2017 12:49512subdirectory
[TXT]address.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4613,269C source
[TXT]address.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46632C header
[TXT]attach.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4636,988C source
[TXT]attach.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46892C header
[TXT] 5-Nov-2016 08:468,281DCL procedure
[TXT]callmail.c 5-Nov-2016 08:46122,062C source
[TXT]callmail.h 5-Nov-2016 08:468,368C header
[TXT]cereal.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4611,868C source
[TXT]cereal.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46542C header
[TXT]cgilib.c 5-Nov-2016 08:46203,306C source
[TXT]cgilib.h 5-Nov-2016 08:468,317C header
[TXT]compose.c 5-Nov-2016 08:46120,586C source
[TXT]compose.h 5-Nov-2016 08:463,771C header
[TXT]config.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4650,251C source
[TXT]config.h 5-Nov-2016 08:464,946C header
[TXT]contacts.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4679,281C source
[TXT]contacts.h 5-Nov-2016 08:463,118C header
[TXT]draft.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4621,908C source
[TXT]draft.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46563C header
[TXT]folder.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4625,872C source
[TXT]folder.h 5-Nov-2016 08:461,039C header
[TXT]gmt.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4617,142C source
[TXT]gmt.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46845C header
[TXT]help.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4619,170C source
[TXT]help.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46591C header
[TXT]html.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4625,141C source
[TXT]html.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46691C header
[TXT]inetmail.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4630,504C source
[TXT]inetmail.h 5-Nov-2016 08:461,015C header
[TXT] 5-Nov-2016 08:464,242DCL procedure
[TXT]lang.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4620,058C source
[TXT]lang.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46538C header
[TXT]langdef.h 5-Nov-2016 08:469,593C header
[TXT]login.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4671,300C source
[TXT]login.h 5-Nov-2016 08:461,660C header
[TXT]mainmenu.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4619,110C source
[TXT]mainmenu.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46767C header
[TXT]message.c 5-Nov-2016 08:46132,887C source
[TXT]message.h 5-Nov-2016 08:461,785C header
[TXT]mime.h 5-Nov-2016 08:463,847C header
[TXT]mimedec.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4633,278C source
[TXT]mimeenc.c 5-Nov-2016 08:469,734C source
[TXT]mta.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4634,604C source
[TXT]mta.h 5-Nov-2016 08:461,021C header
[TXT]newmail.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4620,431C source
[TXT]newmail.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46776C header
[TXT]options.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4679,817C source
[TXT]options.h 5-Nov-2016 08:462,422C header
[TXT]other.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4641,850C source
[TXT]other.h 5-Nov-2016 08:461,200C header
[TXT]public.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4630,104C source
[TXT]public.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46840C header
[TXT]rc4.c 5-Nov-2016 08:462,579C source
[TXT]rc4.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46693C header
[HTM]readme.html 5-Nov-2016 08:461,657HyperText Markup Language
[TXT]readme.txt 5-Nov-2016 08:461,451plain text
[TXT]regex.c 5-Nov-2016 08:46161,730C source
[TXT]regex.h 5-Nov-2016 08:4618,967C header
[TXT]release_notes.txt 5-Nov-2016 08:4646,496plain text
[TXT]request.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4650,119C source
[TXT]request.h 5-Nov-2016 08:466,432C header
[TXT]search.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4643,210C source
[TXT]search.h 5-Nov-2016 08:461,442C header
[TXT]sendmail.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4614,873C source
[TXT]sendmail.h 5-Nov-2016 08:46619C header
[HTM]sound_check.html 5-Nov-2016 08:46930"Sound Check"
[TXT]soymail.c 5-Nov-2016 08:4666,067C source
[TXT]soymail.conf 5-Nov-2016 08:46656configuration file
[CSS]soymail.css 5-Nov-2016 08:462,876W3C Cascading Style Sheet
[TXT]soymail.h 5-Nov-2016 08:467,535C header
[BIN]soymail.js 5-Nov-2016 08:4631,107JavaScript source
[TXT] 5-Nov-2016 08:46272DCL procedure
[TXT] 5-Nov-2016 08:463,408DCL procedure
[TXT]wishlist.txt 5-Nov-2016 08:4629,500plain text