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WebSocket directory read-me

The WebSocket library, development utilities and simple example applications (scripts) demonstrating the basics of WASD WebSocket programming and use of the library.

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More information may be found in Scripting  —  5 - WebSocket.

DemonstrationSource CodeDescription
The WebSocket library. This abstracts most of the WebSocket protocol into callable functions suitable for the WASD WebSocket scripting environment.
wsLIBcl.c The WebSocket client library. Provides functionality to TCP connect to a server host and port and undertake a WebSocket upgrade handshake. It is less intended to be a real-world client library than a vehicle for bench-testing the WASD WebSocket and WSLIB.C functionality.
autobahn.c Autobahn ( is a sophisticated, comprehensive and indepdendent test suite powered by Python that validates WebSocket behaviour, particularly in corner cases. This AUTOBAHN utility/script has been used during WASD WebSocket environment development and testing. WASD v10.3.0 WebSocket and wsLIB v1.0.7 passes all Autobahn v0.5.5 tests (see autobahn.pdf)
WASD WebSocket environment development test-bench exerciser and gremlin inducing client/script. It can also be used as an effective measure of the raw WebSocket message throughput a particular hardware+VMS+TCP/IP+WASD platform can support
[ws_chat.html] ws_chat.c What can be said about this classic, collaborative application?
[ws_echo.html] ws_echo.c What was that I just said? Uses VMS data descriptors.
[ws_mouse.html] ws_mouse.c Distributing your mouse coordinates.
[ws_ptd.html] ws_ptd.c The Pseudo-Terminal Driver example has been replaced with the fully-functional VT102 terminal emulator DCLinabox. See for detail and for download.


[DIR]OBJ_IA64/25-Mar-2017 10:02512subdirectory
[TXT]autobahn.c25-Mar-2017 10:0221,305C source
[PDF]autobahn.pdf25-Mar-2017 10:02709,830Adobe Portable Document Format
[TXT]build_all.com25-Mar-2017 10:02788DCL procedure
[TXT]build_autobahn.com25-Mar-2017 10:022,054DCL procedure
[TXT]build_wsb.com25-Mar-2017 10:021,999DCL procedure
[TXT]build_wslib.com25-Mar-2017 10:021,676DCL procedure
[TXT]build_wslibcl.com25-Mar-2017 10:021,708DCL procedure
[TXT]build_ws_bench.com25-Mar-2017 10:021,866DCL procedure
[TXT]build_ws_chat.com25-Mar-2017 10:021,870DCL procedure
[TXT]build_ws_echo.com25-Mar-2017 10:021,764DCL procedure
[TXT]build_ws_mouse.com25-Mar-2017 10:021,866DCL procedure
[HTM]readme.html25-Mar-2017 10:024,477"WebSocket directory read-me"
[TXT]wsb.c25-Mar-2017 10:0246,854C source
[TXT]wsb.com25-Mar-2017 10:021,414DCL procedure
[TXT]wslib.c25-Mar-2017 10:02158,603C source
[TXT]wslib.h25-Mar-2017 10:0211,958C header
[TXT]wslibcl.c25-Mar-2017 10:0221,613C source
[TXT]ws_bench.c25-Mar-2017 10:029,436C source
[TXT]ws_chat.c25-Mar-2017 10:0213,013C source
[HTM]ws_chat.html25-Mar-2017 10:029,014"WebSocket Scripting - Chat Demonstration"
[TXT]ws_echo.c25-Mar-2017 10:0212,498C source
[HTM]ws_echo.html25-Mar-2017 10:027,168"WebSocket Scripting - Echo Demonstration"
[TXT]ws_mouse.c25-Mar-2017 10:029,786C source
[HTM]ws_mouse.html25-Mar-2017 10:028,474"WebSocket Scripting - Mouse Demonstration"